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the ghetto way to spell "Keon" but this Kion is usually for girls who are extremely beautiful & talented & have a big butt
"Yo i wish i was a kion"
by nobitchassness101 August 14, 2011
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There are seven circumstances that all people must meet to become a "Kion". These include:

1.) Being the sexiest man ever alive
2.) Having a Godlike Noik (Kion Backwards)
3.) Being able to speak a diction elevated to the heavens
4.) Kick ass at TF2 or Dota (Or both)
5.) Ladies-man (OOOOOH YEAAAAAH)
6.) Being able to curl at least ten plates on each side
Man that guy meets all of the circumstances.... Hes a motherfucking Kion!

Look at that Noik, he's a Kion alright!
by IdkMaybeLikeMe October 23, 2011

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