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A kind of girl that is a best friend; someone you would be lucky to know!
I found a kinsey the other day; she's pretty amazing!
by uhlisuhh95 September 17, 2008
A beautiful, loyal girl. She has the prettiest blue eyes you will ever see and a big ol' booty. She's the type of girl to be your best friend. She says exactly what's on her mind at any time. You would be so lucky to have her around you. By far the best girlfriend you could have and one you're going to want to hold on to. She's a dime.
That girl's a Kinsey. I HAVE to have her.
by CutthroatMonopoly August 19, 2011
An awesome, super-fashionable person who is not the best speller, but is always there for you!
oh, thats kinsey
by lollipop gurl February 23, 2011
super hot(but not so bright),loves to party, and gets around
also gets into alot of trouble but usually gets out of it
your did all that?
your such a kinsey
by dangood24 September 06, 2008
Person who is tired of looking up their name and finding sexual stuff
Kid one: omg have u searched Kinsey's name on the internet

Kid two: yes
by BBcool 53 December 23, 2014
a type of sexual pleasure for a whole city, state, or country.
"hey i totally did kinsey the other night!"
by us.. ;] August 16, 2006
A being with the ability to stun other humans with their impeccable beauty. A "Kinsey" is one who everyone wants to be like, and people will wish they had the talent that a "kinsey" holds.
jay: hey bro did you see that girl last night
nick: yeah man she was a total kinsey. i was blinded.

jay: i must have her. now.
by dat. ass. doe November 02, 2013
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