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2 definitions by sofigoodvibes

1) A kinsey is one with the boobs of a goddess.

2) Kinseys are known for their amazing abilities at allowing their female partners to achieve intense, mind-blowing, trippy orgasms to the sounds of ice tea beings stirred accompanied by Mindless Self Indulgence

3) Only kinseys can pull off having fuzzy bellies.

4) Kinseys can intake unlimited amounts of dextromethamorphan, or coricidin and are still able to have a full-functioning non-damaged stomache lining.

5) A woman who has a strange fetish for men to make romance explosions on her stomache.
Did you see them tits on that bitch? She a kinsey, fo sho!

Girl: OMG, yesterday my best friend woke me up with the most amazing feeling!
Boy: She suck ya coocha?
Girl: Duh!
Boy: Must be a kinsey.

Shit man, she had a hairy stomache. But I just couldn't stay away. That girl was a definite kinsey.

I was so fucked up yesterday, I took 32 ccs, then went and ate five double cheeseburgers from Mcdonalds. I was a total kinsey.

Girl: Babe, I want you to nut all over my belly...
Boy: What a kinsey!
by sofigoodvibes September 01, 2008
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Fag band with lead singer Gerard Gay and other fag band mates that sing about fag emo bullshit. Whiny ass annoying shit.
emo kid 1: omg i got the new My Homosexual Romance cd

emo kid 2: dude awesome. lets go listen to it and masterbate to Gerard Gay's annoying ass voice and then slit our wrists and lick eachother's blood.

emo kid 1: holla.
by sofigoodvibes September 01, 2008
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