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the name of my ideal woman. she is kind, fair, and beautiful. she is also with someone else, a guy who has nothing in common with her and doesn't appreciate her the way i did.
You could be watching for Kinleys your entire life and no matter the sacrifice she will be worth it. If you ever find such a girl, don't ever let go.
by marley February 17, 2004
The most amazing, beautiful, funny, and attractive girl that you will ever meet. She is such a sweetheart, but she doesn't put up with immature people who like drama. She's taken by Elliott.. The most amazing guy ever. She's shy at first, but once you get to know her she's a pretty cool girl. Oh and not to mention, she has a nice lil booty ;) you should really get to know Kinley!
Kinley is such a cutie. ;) I wish I knew a Kinley!
by Anonymous1520 March 04, 2012
A preppier, less alcohol-dependant version of an Erin. A Kinley loves to drink, dance, and will get down and dirty whenever she feels like it. However, unlike an Erin, she will not get drunk and party at places like school or while babysitting toddlers.
I've bagged 3 Kinleys and 5 Erins in the past week.
This party is crawling with Kinleys.
by McCin Robusto November 18, 2003
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