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An archaic word meaning "family". This is mostly unused in modern times, except for in certain backwoods regions of the nation (south of the Mason-Dixon line), where society has become stagnant and inbred.
I tol' you how many times Jimmy Dean, taint right to go fornicatin' wit' animals. Y'all s'posed to do that wit' yor kinfolk.
by J W Fokker October 17, 2003
6 7
Friends or relatives.
What it be like kinfolk?!
by Jessicka. July 05, 2006
223 46
someone who you consider being a relative but really isn't
james is my kinfolk
by sean October 20, 2003
159 76
family members and close friends
Hey KinFolk!
by anonymous October 17, 2003
118 48
Word used in the same reference as "bro", or "whodie", to a person that you know. Mostly used in eastern Texas.
Whats up kin folk?
by Mike Jones March 25, 2003
56 20
My kinfolk are gettin together this weekend.
by amy October 20, 2003
66 43
hillbilly way to say family and or person related to you
That girl Emily is my kinfolk
by anonymous October 20, 2003
102 82
me and my kinfolk were at the party
by HOPESCRX October 15, 2003
50 32