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another word for cool or hot!
dude1:i got that stuff u wanted me to get.
dude2:that's swankie
by Ray-Ray February 15, 2005
A pimp... generally used in the derogatory for guys who think they're pimps, but are in fact mere purveyors of bullshit.
'I shagged that bird Angelina up the arse'.. 'yeah, I'm sure you did you retarded cuntmonger'.
by Ray-ray December 02, 2002
1.What people in West Virginia refer to their family as.
Me and my buddy Cletus are goin' oer' to my kinfolks tomorrow.
by Ray-ray October 15, 2003
An over attractive person...Or hott and sexy
The guys here are all flametards.
by Ray-Ray March 07, 2005
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