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1) An area of terrain that is well defended, creating a killing ground for enemy troops

2) A good FPS game for PS2, that should not be compared to Halo as they are too dissimilar in style to be compared effectively. Halo takes a vastly different approach to the space opera genre to Killzone. While Halo decided to focus on fast-paced human vs alien combat with exotic weaponry, Killzone was designed to be a brutal and gritty human civil war in space, and it succeeds in creating a dark, post-apocalyptic atmosphere which is exciting, dramatic and thrilling in its own way.

i.e. stop saying that Killzone was/wasn't a halo-beater and just have fun!
"Killzone is visually amazing and the gameplay rocks harder than you dare dream" -OPS2 Magazine Issue 51 (October 2004)
by random Star Wars-liking person January 13, 2006
1- A military term describing an area of ground that is well defended, possibly including pre-sighted machine guns, mortars, artillery, as well as a variety of obstacles such as razor wire and tripflares. (Weapons will be presighted to these obstacles, as approaching troops will get caught in them, making them ideal targets.) This creates a literal "killing zone," hence the name.

2- A recent FPS for the playstation 2. A decent game that can be accurately described as "Call of duty in space." This fun and well-rounded (although linear) game is unfortunate enough to have been over-hyped as a "Halo-killer" which is nothing more than a kiss of death, as now everyone, especially reviewers, will try to campare it to Halo, and of course, find this game lacking.
(And yes, I've played killzone. It's good, but not to the scale of Halo.)
1- "With our platoon support weapons pre-sighted to these tripflares, we've created a fairly night-effective killzone."

2- "Killzone's no Halo-Killer, but it's still a really good game."
by Jarvan November 05, 2004
the game that rapes the craptastic halo series. killzone replaces pink aliens with horrifying helghast with red glowing eyes. it's hated by many who have not seen the light of what a console fps should be, but the experience of killzone completely oblatirates the ignorance of halo fags everywhere.
n00b: OMG i'm gonna play halo with my shitty plasma weapons and pink aliens

Well-Educated PS2 Owner: i'm going to throw knives at people's throats and rip them out, then cook a grenade and throw it at a horde of men, and then hide in the bushes. why do i do it? because i can't do that in halo, and i don't want to play online where everybody sounds the same.
by Chris.Pwn.J00 January 01, 2005
This game was supposed to be a Halo-killer. It was ok but certainly not a halo killer. Even though the gameplay is fun and fast paced.The video is some what grainy and the frame rate is choppy. May notbe a Halo-killer but its damn good.
Man. Since I don't have an X-box I guess I'll get Killzone
by D.J. Corny Name May 07, 2005
A great game for ps2, fucking PWNS Halo, go buy it if you have a ps2.
Dont get me wrong, Halo is a good game, but I just find it too kiddy like for my tastes, Killzone is much better, it shows what war should be like: gritty, dark and urban, not fighting in forests with flowers and shit all over the place.
by Michael Barbara March 27, 2005
a great, but somewhat hard fps for playstation 2.
Yes, I've played it. I have it.
by Adrian December 18, 2004
Overhyped PS2 first-person shooter that some PS2 fanboys call a "Halo-Killer", something it will never be.

PS2 fanboy #2: Really? I'll go hype the hell out of it!
by Someone July 10, 2004
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