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Best beats best lyrics, the only band that comes close is Shadows fall!
every past presant and future Member is awesome! everyone person who is a fan of KSE is more than likely a cool person man, i'm glad i was listining to the Metal channel March 2002. well, even if i wasent, there growing fast!
no matter what happens to this band they will still be the best ever, even there new singer sounds almost identical to the old one!
In the Unblind
just barily breathing
to the sons of man
any of there songs
by „¤„¦„©„¢ November 01, 2003
Truly one of the greatest metal bands of our time. Far better thany any of this nu-metal crap, they combine heavy riffs and bellowings with a truly beautiful chorus that culminates in tunes that define true Goths with posers.
Their best songs are Fixation on the Darkness and When Darkness Falls.
Killswitch Engage had an excellent track, When Darkness Falls, on the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack.
by Jason Voorhees October 24, 2003
The greatest metal band of all time. Killswitch Engage rocks my sox!
Person A: What kind of music do you listen to?

Person B: Pop....

Person A: .......Fag.. -_-

Person B: What's wrong with pop music?

Person A: Go buy some Killswitch Engage...
by ☺╦ù♦ April 16, 2007
The best metal band of all time, a band which blends both heavy, aggressive metal with catchy tunes and awesome guitar riffs.
Killswitch Engage's second CD is better than the first, I think.
by Deathcow February 07, 2004
A group of guys who yell into each other's assholes and get paid to do it.
Person A: What's your favorite band?

Person B: Killswitch Engage!!!!:)

Person A: R u fucking kidding me? Those asshole yellers can't play music for their lives.
by hetoaei8 December 07, 2010
An overrated metal band from New England. Mostly about sadness and "my time has come" and all that lovey dovey bullshit. Lyrics actually could be considered emo. They do have some catchy riffs but all their songs are the same. I really do not see why people think they are the best metal band ever. For awesome kick your face in rape your asshole metal see Shadows Fall or 3 inches of blood. It baffles me that badass metal bands tour their asses off such as Trivium, Opeth and Beyond the Embrace and are ten times better than this band and never make it big. Oh and all you turds saying this band is the best pull your head out of your ass and listen to some Lamb of God and Fear Factory.
Killswitch Engage is mediocre at best.
by ayhaefgasdf January 16, 2006