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Best beats best lyrics, the only band that comes close is Shadows fall!
every past presant and future Member is awesome! everyone person who is a fan of KSE is more than likely a cool person man, i'm glad i was listining to the Metal channel March 2002. well, even if i wasent, there growing fast!
no matter what happens to this band they will still be the best ever, even there new singer sounds almost identical to the old one!
In the Unblind
just barily breathing
to the sons of man
any of there songs
by „¤„¦„©„¢ November 01, 2003
a sweet band that has awesome beats, lyrics, and leads. they should always tour with Killswitch Engage
listen to shadows fall - stepping outside the circle
by „¤„¦„©„¢ November 01, 2003

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