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to kill something eg a joke, a saying, a band anything your heart desiers can now be "killed"
"dude uve told that joke all day, and now its not even funny, stop killing it!!"

"you just killed it for the last time!"

or a simple "stop killing it!"

"you killed it, now its buried and your p*ssing on its grave"

"your killing it out now!"

or even simpler "killed!"
by alex burns December 27, 2005
29 19
doing esceptionally well at something.
Usually followed by "it".
I saw their band last night and they were kilin' it.
by clrlt808 April 19, 2003
104 40
Chuck Norris' alternative to going hunting
Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting.....
He goes KILLING!!!!
by JaggedJohnny January 22, 2009
62 20
killing is fashionable because of gangs which are fashionable because of Hollywood and Mtv which are liberal.
teh THE END......................
by Walter October 12, 2004
34 32
one of the funnest things to do in life.
*bang* ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
i'm killing you now! *bang*
by wrath's girl February 20, 2008
19 33
Texas prison term for masturbating. Believed to refer to the death of sperm.
"Pedro's killing again." "Doesn't he realize he'll be held responsible for the killing of all those innocent lives?" "Dude, you're right!"
by AlstottsNo1Fan November 05, 2007
12 32
the subject of 95% of all metal songs. the other 5% are about satan
*insert rambling about killing and satan here*
by Adrian December 25, 2005
22 66