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The act of throwing up, vomiting, puking, making street pizza. Used in an episode of NCIS, 30 Oct 2007.
Where's Bertha? She went that way, shouting groceries!
by AlstottsNo1Fan October 31, 2007
Texas prison term for a brown bag meal consisting of a bologna or salami sandwich, a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, a piece of fruit & (sometimes) a half pint of milk. or juice. For breakfast, the meat sandwich is replaced with dry cereal or a boiled egg. After the third day, prunes or raisins become the fruit because of the constipation problem occuring after eating these breakfast, lunch & dinner while on lockdown.
"My personal best is 96 days of lockdown. Johnny sacks are all we'll get until further notice."
by AlstottsNo1Fan November 05, 2007
To keep watch, be on the lookout. A Texas prison term.
"Hey, hold jiggers for me while I sling ink on Randall's shoulder!"
by AlstottsNo1Fan November 05, 2007
Texas prison term for someone who masturbates often & usually in front of female guards.
"My new cellmate is a gunslinger. He's gonna pull it off if he doesn't slow down."
by AlstottsNo1Fan November 05, 2007
Texas prison term for masturbating. Believed to refer to the death of sperm.
"Pedro's killing again." "Doesn't he realize he'll be held responsible for the killing of all those innocent lives?" "Dude, you're right!"
by AlstottsNo1Fan November 05, 2007
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