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A Scottish term for the Ayrshire town of Kilmarnock. Local tradition holds that the name of Kilmarnock derives from the missionary St Marnock. It is likely that 'Killie' came from the inability of locals to pronounce or spell 'Kilmarnock'. The term 'Killie' is more commonly used to refer to Kilmarnock Football Club.
'C'mon Killie!' (used to give encouragement to a usually losing soccer team)

'Am fae Killie, no fae Ayr, thank fuck.' (A kilmarnock citizen would use this phrase in reply to an inquiry regarding what part of Scotland they originate from)
by peapod May 20, 2006
Killie is the word of love, that is a common misconception as to be a football team. In reality it is nordic for very beautiful and loving
You remind me of a Killie
by V-Slade January 23, 2010