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the animal that kids want to swim with even though it has the name KILLER in its goddamn name.
"why did the killer whale kill my son?"
by dannyisjesus November 18, 2005
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A cool dude who knows how to pick up women, and has a great deal of sweg.
Josh is such a Killer Whale, he got with 3 girls within this past week!
by abathingjoshy September 30, 2015
It is when you rip off the filter of a cigarette and smoke it with no filter.
"i just smoked a killer whale and now i am so dizzy"
by Luny_Dogg March 22, 2009
police officers.
law enforcement officers
crooked ass police officers
oh shit here come them killer whales!
by Dem Duece Tre Niggas December 14, 2003
A nonsensical adjective used to describe being drunk, first coined by a certain girl who had too much to drink on a crazy Saturday night with her friends.
R: On a scale of 1-10 how drunk are you?
A: Killer Whale.
by KillerWhale'd May 30, 2011
When a male is fornicating a black female then ejaculates all over her eyes, neck, and stomach, resembling a killer whale
Man did you watch that one porno, "Seaman World," that chick just got a killer whale.
by J K. June 11, 2008
A fat person wid back boobs who wear tight tops..!!..!!.. see kunkle
im a pale face killer whale
by NOODLEFACE January 31, 2005
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