An adjective indicating approval, typically of clothes and accessories. The term is believed to have originated in the 1960s fashion Mecca of Carnaby Street, London. Like other terms from the period such as fab and rad it has recently enjoyed a revival, thanks in part to Emo kids.
Where DID you get those kicky threads?

The jacket? Ahem.
by TheGameKat June 07, 2009
Top Definition
delightfully refreshing; spritely; insouciant,
Mary felt ready to take on the world as she walked down the street in a new skirt and a KICKY new 'do.
by ChrisKick May 30, 2005
Adj.: Something that 'kicks ass' or is incredibly satisfying
"Those bumps is kicky"; "Kicky flavor"; "It ain't no kicky unless it's icky marijuana!"
by Mike T Martin October 05, 2006
The kicking of legs by someone who is grumpy, whiney or uncomfortable. Small children often exhibit this kind of behavior.
If you don't stop with the kicky, I'm gonna break out the body pillow shield!
by nocturnal June 21, 2006
When Spicy food has a kick to it.
Natalie say's: Dang Andrew, that chicken sandwich is straight up kicky boo.
by glenuisky May 24, 2010
Always preceded by the word "too" or "so"; used to describe something that is very colorful, festive, kitschy, gaudy, or otherwise gay beyond words.
Darling, those shoes are just so kicky.
by A. E. Brown October 21, 2005
1. Meaning the same as sucks.
2. A person that sucks can be called kicky
That guy is kicky.
Joe is really kicky
by anonymous January 08, 2005
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