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A female undergraduate student who invariably walks around campus with a large bow in her hair. The species was common in the early 1990s and can still be found in remote parts of the US such as Kansas.
Professor Zepf: "How are the students in your intro class?"

Professor Ashman: "Fifty bowheads and the football team. Again."
by TheGameKat March 11, 2009
In Texas Hold 'em 'The Kat' is the starting hand 86-suited. Named after legendary online poker player TheGameKat who made the hand famous from 2003-2005 at PokerRoom. Subsequently 'The Kat Krew' adopted this hand as a totum. The four members of The Kat Krew have 86 tatoos. TheGameKat is 86 spades, Chenzilla is 86 hearts, chompy_jr is 86 diamonds, and linkocracy is 86 clubs.
I reraised on the button with The Kat, flopped the straight and cracked aces.
by TheGameKat February 13, 2008
A condition produced when a poker player receives such a bad beat that s/he will forever play poorly and erratically.
'Man, when I hit that one-outer Senor Foldo totally flipped. Real perma-tilt job.'
by TheGameKat February 13, 2008
An adjective indicating approval, typically of clothes and accessories. The term is believed to have originated in the 1960s fashion Mecca of Carnaby Street, London. Like other terms from the period such as fab and rad it has recently enjoyed a revival, thanks in part to Emo kids.
Where DID you get those kicky threads?

The jacket? Ahem. Overstock.com.
by TheGameKat June 07, 2009
Freudian Slope is an informal term for the change in the degree of a patient's neuroses resulting from psychoanalysis. It is usually used negatively as in the example below. The coinage is often attributed to Woody Allen, but there is no evidence for this in his screenplays or interviews.
Is your therapist helping you become less crazy?

Nah I've been sliding down the Freudian Slope.
by TheGameKat June 07, 2009
In Texas Hold 'em one of several names given to the hole cards AK. The term is used primarily by weak players who spend most of them time in poker forum chat rooms rather than developing their poker skills.
"I got dealt Anna Karenina on the button and it was open-folded to me, but, like, you know I just had this feeling if I raised I'd get called by T7 and they'd flop a boat so I folded."
by TheGameKat March 11, 2009
In poker an extreme form of tilt that can be produced by taking an exceptionally bad beat. The implication is that a player receiving such a bad beat will be so emotionally disturbed that they will play recklessly for the rest of their lives (permanent + tilt). While no unambiguous examples of the phenomenon have ever been reported the term is frequently used to indicate extreme emotional distress at the poker table.
"I get all-in versus this donkey with AA and flop quads. He's playing The Kat and runner-runners his miracle cards to make a straight flush. I've been on permatilt ever since."
by TheGameKat March 11, 2009
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