The kicker is the guy on the football team who usually saves the team from a loss at the last second. Not really a part of the team unless they need him. Usually plays soccer and very sexy. Next to the quarterback the most important part of the team. And probably the position that takes the most balls because you have to kick by yourself in front 80,000 people. Always gets th ladies.
Cheerleader 1: Damn, check out that kicker over there. I'd fuck the shit out of him.
Cheerleader 2: Yeah he plays soccer to like David Beckham who is like so sexy.

Cheerleader 1: Let's Fuck em'!!!
by Tyler B. aka sexy June 27, 2009
In snowboarding or skiing, a snow covered ramp used for jumping
Freestyle skiers often hit the kicker in reverse
by east coast in the hizz-ouse April 14, 2003
They some sweet kickers dog.
by Benihaha June 06, 2009
A high school kid, not necessarily a boy, normally wears Rocky jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat. Drives a big pick up truck regardless of gas prices. Tend to go mudding and drink, most of their reletives tend to be rednecks. also called country kids
You find alot of kickers in Katy I.S.D
by Beczerz July 22, 2006
a recently deceased person
You'll likely end up pissing her off and you'll be the next kicker in a long line of buried ex's.
by simpves June 16, 2013
Redneck/Truck Driver slang for an illegal linear power amplifier for use on the US Citizens Radio Band (CB).
I'm starting to lose you driver." "Yeah hold on let me warm up the kicker.
by liltechdude April 10, 2011
Words from the artist put somewhere around a Graffiti piece. usually a Message, Poetry, lyrics, or whatever the graffiti artist felt like saying.
I left a kicker warning all toys not to step!!!

that dude got the funniest kicker on the wall hahahah!.
by DigDug March 08, 2004

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