Derived from "shit kickers" or cowboy boots. Used to describe persons who wear these boots who are usually rednecks or hicks.
Damn kickers and their loud ass country music!
#kickers #boots #hicks #redneck #tobacco
by Brian Kitchens February 26, 2006
Really potent or powerful. Also, kickin'.
That was one kicker of a storm!
That is some kicker grog!
#powerful #potent #strong #kickin' #robust
by Brian Suits July 25, 2006
Chicken cuisine available at Dominos nationwide. Costs either $6.99 or $10 along with a small 1-topping pizza.
Yo, let me get some fuckin kickers and a small mushroom pizza for 10 bucks.
by Steven Muntner *see RAT-MAN February 28, 2005
One who likes to party and drink hard.
Tommy is a kicker. Every weekend I like to see him at ____ (fill in blank with popular nightspot) just destroyed
by Bill Johnson October 24, 2004
A soccer player that wears shoulder pads for no apparent reason.
Go back to Europe, you kicker!
by Jay Tusch February 01, 2004
another term for sidekick.
you can go on aim, email, and use it as a big phone.
Huang left his kicker at my crib.
I would buy the new kicker, but the old one persuaded me to switch to a different phone.
#sidekick #kick #phones #t-mobile #talking
by Yello squadron August 28, 2008
A small party or kick-back. Typically drinking with close friends.
Jonny is having a kicker tonight. You can come but don't tell everyone about it.
by Kenny April 21, 2005
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