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3 definitions by King Jeff

1). To trip (to get high) on exstacy
2). To be goofy with friends
3). Something that makes a fizzing sound when wet.
Dude, u gonna fizz tonight?
by King Jeff August 09, 2005
1). Swedish slang for butt (ass)
2). Something that's good
3). "Back that ass"

(all of the above are foreign slang)
Backa göten!
"(Back that ass)"
by King Jeff August 09, 2005
A kicker is someone that wears the old buttoned adidas pants (or similar), a wife beater, and is ofter of middle eastern origin.

Kickers often wear alot of "bling bling" or jewelry that's most often associated with RUN DMC or other black rapartist videos. This jewelry is mostly fake, plastic etc.
Ey man, that kicker is wack
by King Jeff August 09, 2005