A kicker is someone that wears the old buttoned adidas pants (or similar), a wife beater, and is ofter of middle eastern origin.

Kickers often wear alot of "bling bling" or jewelry that's most often associated with RUN DMC or other black rapartist videos. This jewelry is mostly fake, plastic etc.
Ey man, that kicker is wack
by King Jeff August 09, 2005
A small party or kick-back. Typically drinking with close friends.
Jonny is having a kicker tonight. You can come but don't tell everyone about it.
by Kenny April 21, 2005
the kid who does scissor kicks over the high jump beam
1.Jeremy is a kicker cuz he does scissors kick in track.
2.Scott- "Kicker"
Jeremy- "I know that means something, fuck u."
Scott- "It means u kick stuff"
by stevey November 29, 2003
a free amount of drugs given as a favor or as repayment for free drugs received previously. Related to the term "kickback".
Hey, i know you ran out last night, here is a kicker.
by Robert Pe September 28, 2007
1. A kid, who know who you are, who likes to kick stuff.
2. A slang term for "kick me" or "kick something while highjumping"
1. "Hey dude the kicker just jumped the fence.
2. "Kicker! I need you to help with my aerobics"
3. "All hail King Kicker!!!" (Haray!!!)
by Julio Sanchez October 25, 2003
A kicker in snowboarding/skiing terms is a little jump that you make by putting snow together in a mound.
Let's build a kicker and practice our tricks.
by Katey November 09, 2003
some uncut guy that likes to do scissor kicks a lot
dude theres this guy named nine9 and he likes to scissor kick
by cutnine9'sdick October 28, 2003

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