Words from the artist put somewhere around a Graffiti piece. usually a Message, Poetry, lyrics, or whatever the graffiti artist felt like saying.
I left a kicker warning all toys not to step!!!

that dude got the funniest kicker on the wall hahahah!.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
He's the best kid in the school. He's so kool yet too hot to touch! If you ever meet him you'll fall instantly inlove. But catch him if you can because there's always someone else who realizes that they want him too. He's broken a few hearts, mended a few and been broken hearted himself. He's sooo understanding and will guide you through anything. He's so kind and caring that your heart will melt every time he smiles. He's sooooo hot with a 6 pack and that craaazzzy hair. Kickers so cute that if u walk past him, you can't help but blush. He's smart and knows like everything! But if you want to find a kicker, good luck cuz there's only one that'll show u the light when ur in complete darkness. Cole Ramey :)
Boy: why are you blushing?
Girl: I just walked past kicker :$
by Gigglesalot February 03, 2013
noun. Slang for breasts, specifically bouncing ones produced by a girl skipping, jumping up and down or dancing. Used most commonly by immature teenage boys.
ex.1 "Dude, check out the kickers on that girl over there, they're HUGE."

ex.2 "I'm watched Ally jump rope just so I could watch her kickers bounce around."
by Bettendorf October 24, 2011
Refers to awesome,sick, daring.
Also a nickname we regis students call someone.
Wow, Sam, that was pretty kicker
by bieberfever09 October 16, 2010
verb: Harsh sexual intercourse with a female; To give's is to 'er!
Randy: "I dragged a philly home last night."
Andrew: "Ja kick'er?"
Randy: "Ya, bruised 'er right good."
Hanny: "Ouch."
by drew August 23, 2004
The cigarette you smoke right after you blaze up that kicks in your high.
Man after smoking pot: "Ahh... this kicker is the best ever after blazing up."
by hcaoryor February 06, 2008
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