The internal power of a warrior. Is the fighting level of each human being.
The ki of Evil Ryu is incrediblely great.
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
The sound an individual of Sri Lankan origin emits when poked. In particular social settings that are understood only by select scholars of Sri Lankan linguistics and culture, the individual may emit, Smi as a substitute. Know that Smi is both the antonym of; and only polite response to, ki.
You: Excuse me, sir, are you from the nation of Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon?
Lankan: Yes. How can I help -
You: *poke*
Lankan: Ki!
You: Smi!
by Davey Eltis August 09, 2007
A racist term for a jew originated by the polish
A polish person is a SKI but a jew is just a KI.
by NenjiMax June 19, 2005
A fine looking indivdual with sexy dreads. A.K.A. Delendrose
I r love Ki! He's a really cool guy and he's hot.
by Valerie March 30, 2005
Ki a good produca,keep it up ya...
by Dancehall December 24, 2004
A fine looking indivdual with sexy dreads, who is a member of the Jaguar clan. A.K.A. Delendrose
Ki just got 100 combat!
by Valerie February 20, 2005

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