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"kus" means "pussy" in Arabic (slang)
ME: ya kus!(in Arabic)= ME: you pussy!
by who cares! April 25, 2003
'Kus' in dutch means the same as the english word 'Kiss'. However looking at the arabic meaning of this same word, when an arabic woman asks you to 'kus' her, you'd better realize what you're getting yourself getting into!
*kus* *kus*
by Stefan Mensink November 14, 2003
K.U.S. - Kate Upton Syndrome
Continuously watching videos or looking at pictures of Ms. Upton, masturbation to said model, or thinking you are Ms. Upton.
Holy shit man, I think I got K.U.S. after that Swimsuit Issue.
by GhilliedBilly February 13, 2013
in leb means pussy
Kuso in jap means shit
in english.. mean 1337 Cunt
Kus u 1337 cunt0x
by Kus January 19, 2003
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