A completely unnecessary and moronic variation on the word "cool". It's harder to type than "cool" and makes you look like a retard if you say it.
"dats wel kewl!"
"Hush up retard."
by sh4w March 12, 2006
Top Definition
A stupid way of spelling "cool". Made up by morons.
"I'm a stupid whore who spells cool "kewl"
by Person who hates the word kewl October 31, 2002
Internet slang and spelling for the word "cool"
Urbandictionary.com is a kewl site.
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
Kewl is the swedish word for describing something/someone funny.
Probably copied by random people who thinks it's pronounced 'cool' and then used it as if it meant 'cool'.
Later, people got annoyed of it and made themselves look like shitheads by defining it on Urbandictionary.com. The same people later gave this defination a thumb down because they felt offensed by it.
And even later, this defination got deleted and no one could read it any longer. But by then, no one cared.
Examples stated at lexin.com, just search for kewl.
Yes, I'm lazy.
by Oden June 03, 2006
The stupidest possible mispelling of a word in existance. Not only is it wrong, but it is also harder to type than "cool".
AOLMonkey786: OMG, DIS Sh1t iz kewl!!!!111
Yggdrasil21x: Go die, you waste of freaking air.
by Samier Saeed June 05, 2005
a kewter, more klever, kewler way of saying 'cool'
your mom has a kewl stripper pole in her bedroom.
by effmeuptheahole December 07, 2006
The way some internet users spell the word "cool". May be also concidered a part of 1337 speech.
The music is kewl.
by Imp June 19, 2004
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