'Kewl' is a made-up word that idiots made to sound 'kewl'
I often use it for implying "I don't give a shit"
Kewl, meaning, I don't give a shit
• a word that perfectly describes about something/someone you find awesome or amazing.
• another swaggy but rare way to spell the word cool
• this word is usually used by faggots
"that idea sounds amazing."
"yeah. it's pretty kewl."

"it's cool, not kewl."
"idc. it's still kewl."
by sxnpai April 09, 2015
In fact originating in the Swedish word of "kul", pronounced in Swedish just like the spelling of "kewl". Kul meaning funny, awesome or cool.
That was a kewl Swedish expression indeed!
by Encore1Fois August 23, 2013
The Aviation ICAO code for Emma Field, Washington
Piper Two Alpha Golf you are cleared to Kilo Echo Whiskey Lima via Seattle.
by Moses Divaker November 06, 2004
The word that is used when you want to add extra Kewlness to a sentence.
"Whoah, man how kewl was he?"
"dude, djo see the amount of kewlness was pouring out of him!?"
by Toxic-Tyrant October 01, 2014
a way to say or write the word otherwise known as "cool" so as to purposefully annoy Type-A spellers and various authoritarian personality types.
Too bad for Charlie Brown, he just ain't as kewl as Snoopy.
by pockychoc February 28, 2009
Mixture of Cute and Cool.
"urbandictionary.com is super kewl"
by little green one July 22, 2013

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