A more elated version of the word cool. Kewl is excited, happy and completely on board with what is being discussed with almost no further thought. It differs from Cool in that Cool is more detached and slightly unaffected like "hmmm, I'm thinking yeah...and I gotta think further about this". On the contrary, Kewl is when you are ready and raring to go!
What? You wanna Karaoke tonight?! Kewl!!! Let's do it!
by bklyngrl January 10, 2011
Kewl is how some people name 'cool' in slang. Or sometimes how they pronounce cool is like kewl. Cartman from South Park pronounces cool like kewl but in a longer, more annoying name.
South Park's Cartman pronounce cool like kewl. (K-ee-uh-el)
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 06, 2014
adjective: alternative spelling of cool...but with a slightly hipper sense or meaning...
Man not doing homework and being a 23 year old skateboard punk living in my parents basement is way kewl dude...
by Hans Montag January 19, 2009
How AOL llamas say cool.
AOLLamer234123648172364 : OMG DIS IS KEWL
Me : Get my gun...
by Sam October 04, 2003
Kewl is the best cool; coolest.
It was created to provide a higher level of cool than kool.
Cool is generic, Kool is better, and Kewl is the best.
Also, kewl was created to be different and out there; not realizing it would become a fad of internet chat speak. Created over 10+ years ago.
Man that is kewl.
That is a kewl car.
by Creator of Kewl January 06, 2010
Kewl is an alternate way of spelling cool that lots of people online use...not just 'potheads' and 'geeks' as some other douche entered. My girlfriend uses it. So suck on that.
Steph: OMG, that pair of shoes is kewl!
by Taien April 01, 2004
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