the kewlest way of saying kewl!
I am kewl and you suck!
by Samantha M. February 05, 2004
Mixture of Cute and Cool.
" is super kewl"
by little green one July 22, 2013
A term used extensively within pyro communities to describe the unknowledgeable and irresponsible dolts who ignorantly make and explode explosives to vandalise, or otherwise use in a reckless manner.
The kewl synthed half a kilo of AP, dried the crystals in his mother's oven, and then pressed them into a steel pipe fused with a piece of petrol-soaked rag.
by rift3r March 16, 2007
1. An extremely bland and narcissistic way to say the word "cool" with all the enthusiasm deflated out of it. In effect, the negation of all those brats in commercials that say, "COOL!" to a pair of sneakers, hot pockets, or quaker oat bars.

2. An inside joke or commentary that can be used directly, yet secretly, to someone truly despised.

3. A descriptive term used to define something that has a decidedly thirteen-year-old, teeny-bopper quality.
1. mommy- "Honey, me and your white trash daddy who beats me up all the time are gonna get together and have another baby."

son- "kewl."

2. "Wow, jackson! You are so kewl!"

3. "OMG, Tiger Beat magazine is so fucking kewl!"
by Mr. ES August 21, 2009
If you read the word "kewl" instead of "cool," chances are you're actually in the wrong area. Unless it's here, like. AIM and cheapo irc channels are bad for your IQ level.

If you say kewl (seriously and not for some sad irony,) you probably also say "u," "r," "stpd" and stuff like that, and blame it on the fact you want to type faster. If you had a brain, which by this point most people will have worked out you haven't, you'd realise typing kewl is slower than typing cool and is also that you'd learn to type faster if you actually typed whole words.

It'd be nice if noobs would note not to say this word around people with a brain, because it works a little like passive smoking. :(
"lol dude u r kewl can i suki u"
"lol d00d! thats fkn kewl!! lol"
"stfu ur not kewl" (thank fuck for that)
by Techboy July 03, 2006
A term used to describe (usually teens) those who play with fire or explosives without having any idea what they're doing.
Those damn kewls almost caught the woods on fire.
by Snake Plissken April 04, 2004
dumb way of spelling cool....takes longer to type and looks kinda dumb really...
stupid person: hey did u see that fight at skewl?
smart person: ya
stupid person: it was kewl, huh?
smart person: was COOL! Kool if u must but not flippen kewl!!!!!!
by aaaahhhhhhhhhh January 23, 2007

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