A term used extensively within pyro communities to describe the unknowledgeable and irresponsible dolts who ignorantly make and explode explosives to vandalise, or otherwise use in a reckless manner.
The kewl synthed half a kilo of AP, dried the crystals in his mother's oven, and then pressed them into a steel pipe fused with a piece of petrol-soaked rag.
by rift3r March 16, 2007
the kewlest way of saying kewl!
I am kewl and you suck!
by Samantha M. February 05, 2004
the legit version of cool;
Monstaaa, RS, Alix are pretty kewl its legit. Play wit it, bro.
by bekstaaa April 14, 2011
Kewl is another way to say cool, but its not as kewl. Other ways to say kewl are: Coo-well / Kewull / Koo-well / Cuu-wull...etc

but it cannot be: cool.

Most often used when describing something interesting or suprising...or just downright kewl.

There is also a hand sign for this. Here's how to do it:

First make a fist. Then raise your pointer finger and your pinky straight up. Now bend them halfway so that the top of the middle part of those two fingers is flat. Keep your thumb bent in like when your making a fist! and thats it...
Taylor: wow look at this M&M! It has 2 peanuts in one!
Jeanne: Wow thats sooo Kewl!!!

Kristin: Hey do you like these glasses?
Taylor: Ohhh yeahhh those look super Coo-well. Get them!
Kristin: Okay yeah Kewull girly.
by applebottom0750 July 07, 2010
Meghan Hunter
Meghan Hunter is the definition of kewl.
by Ooooo sexy December 26, 2009
dumb way of spelling cool....takes longer to type and looks kinda dumb really...
stupid person: hey did u see that fight at skewl?
smart person: ya
stupid person: it was kewl, huh?
smart person: no...it was COOL! Kool if u must but not flippen kewl!!!!!!
by aaaahhhhhhhhhh January 23, 2007
A word that would ONLY be used by a dumbass teeny bopper. Shows that you're trying too hard to fit in.
Teeny Bopper: OMG lyke i was talkin on AOL the otha nyte and lyke it was totally kewl...

Me: Shut the hell up
by Senor Hola April 16, 2004
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