The reason why vasectomies were invented.
K-Fed got Brit pregnant again? Well, everyone is good at something. For Kevin Federline, knocking up women is his only talent because we all know he can't rap!
by sheneneh November 12, 2007
1) A bottom feeder that feeds on feces off the bottom of dirty fish tanks. In its natural habitat, can be seen wearing wifebeater, acting black. This creature draws attention to itself by "rapping."

2) Inability to read, write, or rap. Basically an imbecile.

mom: study or you will become a Kevin Federline in the future.
by Smart Guy Period November 05, 2007
Scumbag. Whitetrash. Loser. Mooch. The exhusband of whitetrash, whore, Brittany Spears. She is the ONLY reason he has any money whatsoever. They belonged together and were two peas in a pod. He thinks he possesses any talent but is just a loser who can't even rap, which isnt all that difficult. Lowlife. Tummyrot.
Kevin Federline is the richest loser and freeloader in the country.
by krock1dk October 02, 2007
A no-good, lazy bum who made a name for himself only by marrying rich and more famous, Brittany Spears. He is an aspiring rapper, but will never amount to any talent or good whatsoever.

Kevin Federline is a posterchild for urban whitetrash.
by krock1dk May 24, 2008
Currently the #1 reason why eugenics must be implemented as soon as possible. If you don't know what eugenics is, look it up.
The last thing we need is dumb wiggers like kevin federline breeding with dumb bitches like britney spears. Sterilize these fuckers already.
by The Bad Guy February 24, 2007
A former husband of Britney Spears.

Kevin Federline is many times confused with Roger Federer(A professional tennis player).
The theory behind this problem is that 2 individuals with similar last names became famous around the same time.

This type of problem has also happened in the past.

The word "Rush" became very popular in the 80's
Rush Limbaugh
Simon RushDie
The return of the hard rock band "Rush"

Other recent events...
Evan Longoria(Baseball)
Eva Longoria(Desperate Housewives)
Bob: Kevin Federline is about to beat Nadal!
Mike: Don't you mean Roger Federer?!
by silentthread August 31, 2010
luckiest bastard in the world. the man you wish you were right now.
Kevin Fedrline is banging Britney Spears, you're not.
by v1cious December 13, 2004

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