The man who was actually fuckin' pathetic enough to marry Britney Spears. Thinks he's gonna make fame for himself. This kills me. Hehehehe.
"Man, that Kevin Federline, what a fuckin' joke."
by Quack Quack May 27, 2005
The best punchline for any joke.
Knock knock.
Who's there?
...Kevin Federline

Three guys walked into a bar..
The third one was Kevin Federline.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Kevin Federline.

How many ________s does it take to screw in lightbulb?
Kevin Federline.

Two blondes are sitting at a nail salon, when one blonde says to another, "Kevin Federline."

If your name is Kevin might be a redneck.

Yo momma so fat Kevin Federline would do her.
by Jon and Chris August 31, 2006
A term Kevin Federline can have many meanings, such as

1. a deadly combination douche, pothead, and gold-digger whose wife is nearly as pathetic and unfit as him

2. an underemployed, white man with no talent who likes to believe that he can rap; Eminem is his inspiration

3. A man under an illusion that he can pull off a wifebeater when he only has completely muscle-free arms and an Amazon Rainforest of armpits
Kevin: Mommy, I wanna wear my wifebeater to school!

Sheila/Mother: No, Kevin, you will look like Kevin Federline!

Kevin: Oh no, Kevin Federline? Mom, you know what? I'll just wear my button-down shirt to school.

Sheila: That's my little boy.
by Kenny McCor June 22, 2006
The poster boy for pre-nups and having a good divorce lawyer. Britney Spears should kiss the ground that she got rid of this loser as easily (and cheaply) as she did. (Mind you, what was she >thinking< when she married him in the first place?!) Going the other way, K-fed is a dumb f*ck for getting so little moolah out of her.
Kevin Federline's only distinction is having briefly been Mr. Britney Spears.
by Action Man April 03, 2007
A man who has come to symbolize what a complete, impotent, sexual failure really is. K-Fed, is an uneducated, complete and utter failure, an embodiment of pure white trash. Turned down by any girl with a brain, or who looks hot, he has ended up with his sole mate, brittany spears. Together, they hope to spread the ideas and values of vagrancy, freeloading, and to totally strip any talent from the world.
Man, I just watched Kevin Federline's new video, and I thought it disgraced rap music.

Kevin Federline is an embarrassment to any human being that is caucasan. He is also an embarrassment to the human race.
by INyourFace September 04, 2006
douchebag extrodinaire. thank god britney spears dumped him, at least she had a little bit of her common sense left.
If I had to choose who won Douchebag of the year, 2006, I'd say kevin federline

where are all the definetions of kevin federline? here underdouchebag
by DizzyLizzy December 21, 2006
a term to describe a guy who is a lazy bum, with no job and sits around the house all day and does nothing and also mooches off his rich girlfriend and spends all her money
lazy bum: hey babe gimme some money I wanna buy a new pair of shoes

rich girlfriend: ok anything for you sweety heres a million dollars my kevin federline
by ajb18 December 27, 2007

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