awesome basketball player that is black as night
i closed my eyes and saw kevin garnett
by stan December 14, 2004
Top Definition

1. A huge choker.
3. A self-proclaimed "underpaid" 30-million earner.
1. Webber missed two freethrows with 0.5 second left... He is a Kevin garnett!
2. The receptionist in my company is paid $100000 annually and she asks for a pay rise! She is a Kevin Garnett!
by Chris G. Parker September 15, 2006
synonymous with "pussy". known to start fights and back out of them.
oh look, kevin garnett's fighting the miami heat. oh look, he's backing out.
by suer121290 July 04, 2011
The player in the N.B.A. that scored 68 double doubles in the 82 games he played in the 2002-2003 season, and didn't get voted M.V.P.
"that guy just got hell cheated"
"that guy just got 'Kevin Garnett'd"
by adam winfield November 02, 2003
Best Player in the NBA can shoot, pass, rebound, and of course dunk!
Damn Kobe just got dunked all over by Garnett!!!
by NUMBA 1 WOLVES FAN!! May 08, 2003
Kevin Garnett = MVP

hes like a wrecking ball off the chain!
ohh snap kg just dunked from the free throw line
by Shaq Diesel March 08, 2005
who the fuck is "pipa!"?KG can kick everyones ass..he one crazy ass balla and he didnt deserve mvp? check out the numbers bitch 24.2ppg 5apg 13.9rpg almost 50% shooting and 2.17bpg
Kevin Garnett is da fuckin man!
by ghetto fiend July 26, 2004
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