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The politically correct term to describe the feeling of life grabbing you by the balls.

Life sucks!
God damnit! My teacher is a dick!
God damnit! I hate my fucking job!
God damnit! I have lost faith in the human race!
God damnit! Why didn't my mom have an abortion?
by Nova><Master October 24, 2006
You say this if you want to be first in line, have the first slice of cake/pizza, want the front seat...
I call dibs on the cheese and pepperoni!
by Nova><Master October 29, 2006

Put the "u" where it beloungs!
DIBS™ turns color into colour
Humor into humour
Favorite into Favourite

by Nova><Master October 28, 2006
Someone who bumps really old threads on message boards.
Thread Excavator! Where did you dig up this old thread
by Nova><Master October 23, 2006
A word that points out the tragedy that some words don't rhyme.
I couldn't think of any word that rhymes with silver, purple or orange, so I invented the word fullourange.
by Nova><Master October 23, 2006
A post that no one gives a fuck about any moure. If you post in an ancient thread, you are considered a "Thread Excavatour" and may as well just hang yourself.
I locked it because it's an ancient thread. Fucking deal with it.
by Nova><Master October 24, 2006
If you really really like the porn your watching or thinking about, shout "saait!"
Bill: SAAIT!!!

Sarah: Jerking off to porn again??? You BASTARD!!! Arrrgh!!
by Nova><Master November 06, 2006
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