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very sexy
likes computer character "ozeballs"
"damn that girl kenza is hot"
"i want to fuck kenza"
"she SO pretty"
by janice yard November 07, 2011
a beautiful human being who likes to have "fun" if you know what i mean:) ***wink*** ***wink***

she is so pretty and has a lot of friends a is/should be a model!
"damn kenza is hot"
"i like kenza…A LOT"
"i want to be kenza…..."
by ozeballs November 08, 2011
A fairly popular name for Moroccan kids.

In western cultures it is used to describe mealy, unappetizing food, usually of vegan origin. Good example of "Kenza style" food include chick-peas and quinoa.

Another use of the word is a "Kenza diet" in which the victim limits themselves to raw, organic vegetables produced within 100 miles of their home.
Dude, I'm so broke that I'm cooking Kenza-style, can you spare me some canned leeks?

Man, that Kenza diet got me so skinny that whenever I inhale helium I float off the ground.
by Balloonboyhop February 04, 2010