Possibly the coolest girl you'll ever meet. Usually a tough, unique, people hating, god mocking, music loving rebel who only cares about her close friends.

If you are lucky enough to come across a Kelsie, be sure to hold onto her.
That chick in the tutu just punched me in the face...she is so Kelsie.
by ScreamSilently February 11, 2009
a girl who is shy and tends not to go out with a lot of peoole but when she does go out with someone she is a lot easier to know is an amazing singer fit and has an incredible laugh she is ferocious in the bedroom and beautifull and her boyfriend is lucky to have her
guy 1 you know that kelsie

guy 2 yeah

guy 1 she can play rough

guy 2 yeah shes such a hottie
by mr mystro June 26, 2014
Somebody who poo's themselves uncontrollably, especially whilst flatulent. Kelsie is often very confident and entertaining for her friends. She falls in love easily; especially on holiday romances
Kelsie- 'oh no'
Girl 2- 'what?'
Kelsie- ' it feels like curry sauce'
by LisaMono_123 October 23, 2013
A big headed bitch, who tends to steal beautiful girls boyfriends when she should just go and get a girlfriend/boyfriend (bisexual) of her own.
'Silly bitch stole my boyfriend'

'Kelsie,you whore'
by SiennaMcD.. October 16, 2013

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