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1 definition by Chrì§

Kelsie is one of the most amazing girl's you will ever meet, She is adorable. She loves to sing and usually is amazing at it. On top of that her voice can put a smile on your face no matter what. She is very shy in groups she doesn't know but once you get to know her you will quickly learn to love her. She is a really great friend and you will always want to hang out with her, She is easily engaged in conversation and once you start going its hard to stop, she is the type of girl that will keep you interested for hours upon hours. She usually is really shy and keeps to herself, She loves to read and is one of the smartest girls in your school. She is very intelligent in mostly Science, although she may be a BIT weaker in the other subjects she is still amazingly smart. She is drop dead gorgeous and although she may not think so everyone knows she is. She is EXTREMELY adorable and will make you smile whenever she does something cute. She is just about the most perfect girl you will ever meet, Be jeleous of her boyfriend. I know you are.
Chris:That Kelsie girl? Dude she is beautiful.

Richard:Hell yeah man that girl is amazing,
by Chrì§ September 16, 2009
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