Keith. The Keith. Preferably Keith Koehler, male, was born at an unknown date, sometime in 19th century. Keith, THE Keith, also has a character of gold. Legend says he slain countless of mighty dragons, one from The Hobbit and Shrek. However, being the mysterious, Royal, but modest person that he is, he likes to "keep it easy" and watch "The Osbournes" on Sky TV.

Creatures THE Keith has slain, but not limited to, that has been recorded: The Dodo Bird, The 300 teethed Walrus, Leonidas, Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, George Bush, (however only George's brain was damaged, but a might victory nonetheless), Megan Fox (bad acting), Shelob, Sauron, Fiona's dragon ,Smog ,Rumplestilskin ,Adolf Hitler (this is why his body was never found), The Infamous Abraham ,Snowball ,Tom Sawyer, The Energizer Bunny ,Bowzer ,Reznov ,The infamous good Samaritan , Saddam Hussein, The ol' Osama trash bin Laden, LadyGentleman Gaga ,The Papal Bull, The Mack-Attack Virus, HQL's foreskin, Dead Mau5 (Quite literally) ,Master Chief ,The Royal Six ,Barney the Dinosaur, Dora the sexplorer, The Smurfinator ,Astoundead, (Noob Tubed), The Heavy Metal fan club, Linkin Park (For their new album) ,Blink 182 (For never staying broken up) ,One of Avril Lavigne's ex boy friend (the wuss who ran away 'cause they broke up), Courtney Love, William Shakespeare, The Evil and illegal Mary Jane, Bruce Willis ,Spongebob Squarepants (for ripping his favorite trunks), Goku, and The Boy with a 1,000 band tee's.
Almost like a psuedo Chuck Norris, being called a "Keith" is like calling someone that is being super nice 'Jesus'.

Yup, it's that serious.

"You're such a Keith man!!!"

"Thanks bro, I'll suck your dick in a few minutes".
by bugehoner January 05, 2011
Top Definition
a sweet ass muther trucker lookin for a good time that is not afraid of anything. origin: 15th century Scotland
That dude is a huge keith.
by barneye December 08, 2007
is some one who is smart sexy strong fast a ladys man and overall good at everything he tries.
wow that guy is such a keith i wanna do him so bad.
by initial k September 06, 2008
Shy simple quiet type. That sits back and watches. Has a heart of gold and will give you peace and love. He watches over you without you even knowing. His tender touch and beautiful eyes will cause your heart to skip a beat.
Oh my, see that guy in the corner, he is such a Keith.
by simplethoughts February 03, 2010
is someone who is strong, sexy, a flirt, super fly, and hella smart. is to be known that he has a big thing. is someone famous and gets all the ladies because he's a ladies man
Man i wish i was a keith!

Everybody wants to be a keith!
by critinkywinky321 January 18, 2009
A gorgeous man you are in love with who flirts with you consistently, in a misleading way, but refers to you as a sister/member of the family.
Keith: you are such a wonderful woman, you came into my life at such an important time, you are the best little sister, I love you.
Woman: (fuck) I love you too...
by Barbra Anne March 20, 2008
Keith is the kind of guy who is extremely goofy and rarely serious. He can be a complete asshole, but you can't help but love him. He also complains a lot about the most random things and can make others feel uncomfortable because he's a very bold opinionated person. He's socially awkward around people he's not used to seeing, but once you get to know him, you'll see how crazy he really is.
I met Keith a few months ago and he used to be weird to be around, but now he's a silly fun guy to chill with
by bgfddtsfs September 07, 2012
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