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the coolest chick in the world, it's pronounced like 'Kay' but cooler in that it's a funky way of spelling it
"Kei your so fucking awesome i want to have wild and hot sex with you"
by kaytlin April 16, 2005
An Asian girl who is smart to the highest extremity of intelligence. Often confused with a cyborg.
Wow, you're such a mega smart. You are such a Kei.
by Zadokan May 02, 2005
(noun) A very good-looking half Japanese boy with an amazing fashion sense and a good taste in music. A Kei will often show three main personality traits: abusiveness, bitchiness, and insanity. Keis are most prevalent in upscale urban areas, especially near any Louis Vuitton flagship stores or boutiques. A Kei often tends to idolize he likes of Amy Winehouse, Victoria Beckham, and Nicole Richie. Keis are attracted to large amounts of money, designer labels, and attractive foreign men.
Oh my god i think i just saw a Kei.
by lemmy lemmy lemon July 26, 2008
is an abbreviation of an Enchanter's spell, Koadic's Endless Intellect, which increases the target's mana regeneration rate, intelligence, and wisdom in the popular MMORPG Everquest.
Casting KEI behind the bank for donations, Hail me for invite!!
by Jimmy Stewart January 10, 2005
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