1) To keg; pulling down ones trousers in order for them to be humiliated, usually done by a male to another male.
2) To be kegged; Ones trousers are pulled down and they receive social embarrassment.
Not to be confused with double keg which is to pull someones pants down and their underwear, exposing genitals and forcing the victim to depart, along with their pride and dignity.
1) John kegged Steve. Steve is now a social outsider.
2)Steve was kegged by John.
by TwentyOne-HD February 11, 2013
Top Definition
One of the four greatest things invented for college students.

See Also: Partying, Women, Beer, Pregaming on Football Saturday
Student 1: Whats going down tonight?
Student 2: Well I just got my fake & there are some honeys next door. Let's grab a keg & make a kickass party.
A small cask or barrel with a capacity of about 30 gallons (114 liters).
Such a container and its contents.
A unit of weight used for nails, equal to 100 pounds (45.5 kilograms).
Man, that KEG we downed last night was a bitch!
by gillios October 12, 2003
Pants (UK) or shorts (US).
Uurghh.. your kegs are well skiddy!
by matt-leics June 17, 2004
When a thick layer of fat covers your six pack abs.
This ain't no six pack, it's one big keg.
by DrPearl February 22, 2010
Kegs (UK)

1. Two or more beer bellies, (6 pack referes to toned)

2. Two or more beer barrels.

3. one pair of underwear.
1. Those belly kegs make you look like your going to fall face first you fat bastards.

2. Those beer kegs look heavy.

3. Those kegs look heavy, have you shit them?
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
the next step up from six-pack abs, plus no work out required, just sit on your ass and eat
Dude, i got a six-pack, oh yeah! well I got a twelve-pack! hey guys, stop, i win because i got a keg!
by Sh0t331 October 07, 2010
a fat persons bouncy belly
U got a 6 pack huh,well i got a keg :)
by Lets Eat Grenades April 22, 2011
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