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A contempory slang term used for an amount of money.
Q) Man, u wanna catch that new movie?
A) Nah, Im outta Dosh!
by gillios October 12, 2003
A small cask or barrel with a capacity of about 30 gallons (114 liters).
Such a container and its contents.
A unit of weight used for nails, equal to 100 pounds (45.5 kilograms).
Man, that KEG we downed last night was a bitch!
by gillios October 12, 2003
Ultimate compliment in the Australian Fashion Industry.
An undeniably fashionable male
by gillios March 19, 2005
Skip-Hop is the music genre that is formed when u mash a musicly talented skip together with Hip-Hop. Ahhh the wonders of it all!
Urthboy/Butterfingers/Most of 'The Herd'/Figgkidd
by gillios March 19, 2005

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