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a vonsolid is a generally solid scottish person/dog hu cud pull a blade on ya.
Marc: James ur dog is prrrrrroper vonsolid ew
James : I know ew
Marc : my dog wud kill him tho
by Kenyan April 19, 2007
Funny term for the word shit, which med me piss myself laffin in maths class.
James: so telf....
Graham: James...James
James : Don't interrupt me you fat shet, im talking to telf
Marc: ha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha.haha.
by kenyan September 14, 2007
1) to pull sum1s trousers dwn to the amusement of every apart frm th trouser wearers
2) to describe sumthin crap
did you see charles shoot in that match, it was a keg effort.
by kenyan September 13, 2007

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