To meet a Katherine is an extreme honor. Katherines are lovely young ladies who you can talk to about most anything. Many Katherines are beautiful, though that only adds to their sterling personatlies. From my past expirences, some Katherines can be absolute geniuses. They can also be very insecure. Although, they have no reason to be. They are wonderful people. Katherines are kind and caring people. They are willing to listen and talk with you about your problems no matter what they are. Many Katherines are very funny. Any joke a Katherine makes will cause at least one person to laugh. Katherines tend to be rather shy when you firt meet them but once you get to know them, they come out of their shells.
Example one:
Person A: Katherine, how is it that you got so wonderful?

Katherine: Oh...umm...I dunno.

Example 2:
Person A: Do you see that really pretty, smart girl over there?

Person B: Yeah? What about her?

Person A: She is a Katherine.

Person B: Oh. Makes sense.
by smallerror December 30, 2010
Top Definition
an angel, a princess, your boo, someone special to you, and a perfect person
you're such katherine
by Desmond Koo December 28, 2007
smart with life, always living for whats ahead of her. dont let the cute face fool you, she can be naughty when you trigger her& great in bed. you will never forget her.. beautiful in her own way, yet insecure about herself. always laughing her heart out, yet doesnt take life too seriously. be loyal to her and she will show you the same respect back. be a bitch& she will destroy you with just words. great person to be with, take a katherine as soon as you find her.
wowww wishhh my gurllll wass aaa katherineeeee
by katherine laura January 21, 2010
A ticklish little creature fond of nature and falling asleep on people. Has a tendency to do "interesting" things to the conventional sandwich. Easy to lose track of time talking to her.

Warning: She can read minds
Tommy: Look! A sleeping Katherine. How do we wake -it- up?
Greg: Dunno. Lemme try tickl-
by guyfauxmask October 21, 2009
a katherine is a sweet hearted girl who cant be faulted. She will always have her eyes open to help the ones that need it; stunning on both the inside and out! Katherine's wont notice their own spectacular points however to every passer by they stand out like a bright light. The world can seem hard for Katherine's sometimes but a break is coming their way!
I love having a best friend called katherine
by ilovericecake February 04, 2010
Go getting, fun loving, smart and sassy girl with a penchant for salty popcorn, aerobics dance moves and - on occasion - yelling "fanny" out of the car window. Best friend a girl could have.
I've finally got a Katherine in my life and I'm so happy
by Simon Cowell's Bouncer October 01, 2009
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