Katherine's are very resilient people and forget their problems easily. They are also very couragous and opinionated. In my experience a Katherine is a very unique person. Upon meeting a Katherine you will find that they are very shy and timid. However, after knowing them for some time you will find that they are very talkative and excited creatures. Katherine's are good people to have around because they are extremely good listeners and are very caring. Be careful though, as to not upset them, they remember faces forever and are not easy to let things go. Katherine's are level headed and usually have a good head on their shoulders about many things in life which makes them excellent for giving advice. Many suffer from a lack of self-confidence and hate getting complements from people. Katherine's are most definately romantics. Also, Katherine's can be somewhat crazy, as in ha ha crazy not padded room crazy. They never refrain from laughing and will always try to get other people to laugh. They will also never refrain from telling someone the truth, no matter how harsh or awful it sounds. Over all Katherine's are pretty laid back and cool people. Most Katherine's have brown hair and green or brown eyes. They have nearly flawless skin and very nice teeth. Katherine's also come in various shapes and sizes, however, each one is beautiful in her own way.
Nicholas Sparks should've been named Katherine.
by findthefrog September 18, 2011
1. Alternate spelling of popular girl's name Catherine/Kathryn.
2. Extremely good song by Chicago based alternative rock band Kill Hannah.
1. "Hi, my name's Katherine."
2. Daisy wishes her name was Katherine so she could pretend the Kill Hannah song was written about her.
by NH3 October 25, 2007
She's a keeper, a lover and a fighter, a winner, loves to act like a complete fool in order to make others smile. A people pleaser, but can deny the utmost of things. Has many people adoring her on a daily basis, WILL steal your boyfriend. Hates females, and has mostly all guy friends. Cusses like a sailor, but no one seems to care, she loves zombies, gore, and 90's things. Listens to all kinds of music. Easy to look at, normally green eyes, brown hair, flawless skin. Has a nice booty, and some say she has a nice body as well, she rejects any complements, for more complements.
Darn, why can't I just be a Katherine?
by Crop-eye-the-zombie-slayer April 07, 2010
Beautiful and kind hearted girl, you will have to do all you can to make sure she is yours.

Quiet but once you get to know her she is all you will ever need, gorgeous brown hair and magnificent eyes, with a body which will drive any sane man into insanity.`
She is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside also, she tends to worry over silly things but with support she will get though anything.

If you find a Katherine never let go <3.
Thats stunner over there, u see her? Thats Katherine she is amazing if u ever get to be with her never let her go <3
by wirdo1234 March 11, 2011
A Katherine is a girl who has confidence. She is pretty on the inside and the outside. Katherines can be reaaalllll bitches sometimes though, so don't mess with them. Katherines tend to take charge in the group, or be the leader. She's an innocent girl, but when she gets wild, she gets WILD. Usually good dancer.
OMG. Don't mess with her, shes a total Katherine...
by vivianneistheboss August 03, 2010
Katherine is beautiful, even tho she hates when people tell her. The smallest things make her days and shes deffinently not a little whore. She has many friends, but she hates being friends with them. She has fallen in love, but that's the thing that is stooping her. When she does like someone, she will show it, and she loves affection. If you don't show her affection, she might not show any back. She loves people who make her feel special. And she loves working for things. Sometimes she can be a bitch but, in general shes pretty amazing. She gets hurt easily, and has stooped caring about people. She wants a boyfriend, but she doesnt tell anyone anymore. She wants to love, but she is waiting for the guy to come and love her. Katherine is special. Wish I was her.
Katherine: Yes?
Katherine: No i'm not (blushes)
by Dylan1234 September 27, 2011
Kat for short if you call her Kathy she's gonna kill you.
She goes by K Swiss cause she is just awesome like that!
She's very mysterious in a way and she will give awesome guys a look of death for no apparant reason.

She has no problem saying what she's thinking and if you call her late at night you will hear her complain the duration of the phone call.
She is pretty damn awesome and she loves her friends.

She will not engage you in conversation unless you can get her attention by breaking someones glass table at a random party.
She is beautiful in every way and can break into random songs at any time.
You can ask her almost anything without being judged.
You can say anything remotely stupid and she will laugh about it.
She is one of a kind so if your lucky enough to meet her don't let her go, you will regret it.
Look at that awesome girl at some random party.. she is so beautiful. Yeah man, that's Katherine for you, but she won't talk to you unless you can get her attention... possibly by breaking a glass table??

I want to be a billionaire!
You have to become a millionaire before you can be a billionaire..
(McDonalds theme song sung by some sort of bird)
by BrandonsAwesome November 26, 2010

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