Is a kick a girl who is just Perfect in every way,like a princess, so you should treat her like one. A great friend, great at listening and talking. My seem perfect but has more problems then you realize. Be a mean or lie and she will Bitch you out, so be aware. If you ever get to go out with her never let her go. You have to make the first move though because she can be shy at times. Loves to run and is really smart.....did I already mention that she is HOT??....
Jonny: Hey who is that girl over there??
Friend: That Katherine Smith, she is so hot....
Jonny: Do you know if she is nice?
Friend: Ya she is really funny too. Oh just to make thing better she has the body of a goddess.....
Jonny: I going to go talk to her...
Friend: Too bad she is way out of your league hahahaha
by The other guy that you know December 04, 2013
Another doppelganger (like one isn't enough already). At least she's more "lively" than the other doppelganger, Elena (see "Elena"). Knows how to elude her captors, and escape with heels on. Stefan and Damon both loved her once, but the new doppelganger stole away the attention.
Katherine Pierce: The three of us together, just like old times. The brother who loved me too much and the one that didn't love me enough.

Damon Salvatore: And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.
by Naenaj Sivraj November 10, 2013
Someone who dresses up as a girl and say its his sister
" Hey who's that Katherine girl?"
"Oh thats just Walter"
by chadgibby April 13, 2014
A person who is a twerk master.
Look at her she's a Katherine.
by someoneyoullneverknow February 28, 2013
One of the most awesome people in the world. She is an amazing friend and has a cat named Pancho!!!!
Hey Katherine you are the best BFF in the world!!!!! <3
by ilyurbiffle September 21, 2011
A girl that shits herself from being too drunk at parties. Also nicknamed as Rupaul because of her ugly looks. Tendency to get cheated on by football players. Desperate enough to sext her mother while away from boyfriend who is in college.
i was a katherine today
by ken black June 11, 2011
Blonde girl who usually shops at Pink and watches Jersylicious!
Woah! Is that A Katherine?
by n.@.t April 26, 2011

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