Kat for short if you call her Kathy she's gonna kill you.
She goes by K Swiss cause she is just awesome like that!
She's very mysterious in a way and she will give awesome guys a look of death for no apparant reason.

She has no problem saying what she's thinking and if you call her late at night you will hear her complain the duration of the phone call.
She is pretty damn awesome and she loves her friends.

She will not engage you in conversation unless you can get her attention by breaking someones glass table at a random party.
She is beautiful in every way and can break into random songs at any time.
You can ask her almost anything without being judged.
You can say anything remotely stupid and she will laugh about it.
She is one of a kind so if your lucky enough to meet her don't let her go, you will regret it.
Look at that awesome girl at some random party.. she is so beautiful. Yeah man, that's Katherine for you, but she won't talk to you unless you can get her attention... possibly by breaking a glass table??

I want to be a billionaire!
You have to become a millionaire before you can be a billionaire..
(McDonalds theme song sung by some sort of bird)
by BrandonsAwesome November 26, 2010
A wonderful girl! Has an amazing sense of humor and a flair for creativity. She is easy going and friendly, but if you mess with her she knows exactly how to deal with you. Willing to forgive but is never able to forget.

Has great friends, all who love to be around her. Is easy to talk to, and very empathetic. Loves to meet new people, and takes charge of situations when it is needed. A marvelous (if reluctant) leader, but is also willing to follow a wise example.

She does not give her trust easily due to unfortunate situations in life, so when her trust is given it is wildly appreciated. An all-around great girl, beautiful inside and out. May seem angelic, but has a kinky side that can appear with the right persuasion. Don't ever take a Katherine for granted!!!
"Dang that Katherine is so freaking funny! We should be friends."

"Shoot... Never should've put jelly on Katherine's chair, now it's all over my room and in my underwear drawer."

"Katherine! I never would have expected!!"
by rawluscious September 27, 2011
A somewhat smart girl who relies on her best friend a lot of the time. She can be jelous at times, but doesnt let it show. She has been through a lot of hard times, but will always stay strong. She is a very reliable friend and will always be there for others. Katherine's are usually girls with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Oh, and Katherines are giggly and will laugh at EVERYTHING. If you have a hard time getting people to laugh at your jokes, get a friend names Katherine, she will make you feel better about your bad jokes.
Person 1: Hey look a fly!
by Maria loves boys June 26, 2011
An unforgettable girl who will be on your mind forever and always. Possibly the prettiest girl you will ever be lucky enough to see. She will make you happier than ever when you're with her, she makes it seem like everything in your life is perfect. She's the most adorable girl you will see and she's always happy, laughing and smiling. She has an awesome personality, extremely funny, and will always leave you with a smile on your face. She deserves the absolute best out of life, it would be a shame of she receives anything less. The time you have with her will be the time of your life so when you have the opportunity to be with her, don't waste it or you will regret it. She's the most perfect girl you will meet so be thankful if you ever get to be with her.
Bob: Dude, you're going out with Katherine?!
Derick: Yeah bro, I'm the luckiest man in the world!
by Lil'Bean13 January 18, 2012
from katheros, greek. meaning pure. hardworking. also, one who is athletic. cute, sexy. can light up the darkness with just her smile. likes to try new things. fun, caring, sweet and witty. family is important. also sleeping at odd hours.
Katherine, never been to berkeley, probably for the best, that place can be impure.
by assstounding person August 09, 2011
an adorably sexy girl with a hot ass, and an amazing kisser. may be a little shy but just wait a while, she will warm up. amazing and humble and nice and sweet, a katherine is a total knockout. she is so sexy and has the sweetest tits in town.
omigod did you just see that sexy girl?

I bet her name was katherine.
by LALALALALA23yu75i October 09, 2011
a girl that's out on her own and Doesn't care what people say about her. she is genuinely a open hearten girl and she loves meeting new friends. she can be a bitch at times but that's only when thinks dont go her way. she is beautiful on the inside but on the outside she would say different. she loves cooking, singing and acting like a fool but most of all she loves being herself.
HEYY ima Katherine!!
by CaliGurl91182 July 17, 2011

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