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Interjection; (kay-ter-s)

1. an abbreviation for "K (space) Laters" or "KK (space) Laters" often followed by a comma, a series of commas, an exclamation point, and very rarely a question mark.

2. the briefest and cutest way to say farewell to a friend besides a physical kiss or a hug. sarcastically, it may be used to show great disdain, contempt, fickle weariness, or social rejection of the 'friend'
Amy: Those cheese fries look SO good!
Sarah: Then why don't you go buy some?

Amy: Imma go buy those cheese fries! /waves KATERS!

Ricky: And that's me kicking your ass at Soul Calibur!
Alejandro: And that's me going home, JERK!
Ricky: KATERS..
Alejandro: Double JERK!
by Electronicoffee September 16, 2011
An individual who putters around his home endlessly, and whose life consists of an endless series of home improvement projects, gadget purchases and fits of masturbation.
I've been worried about Cuthbert lately, he hasn't left his apartment in weeks and I think he's becoming a Kater!
by Dee Dee Cheng June 21, 2007
a shorter text meaning "k later"
Josh: alright i gotta go feed my fish.
Travis: Kater
by Gropster August 30, 2012
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