A sugarless gum enthusiast.
"He offered me some Trident, and I didn't want it, but I took it anyway so that the Kashluk wouldn't get offended."
by atoga March 24, 2004
Top Definition
'to kashluk' is to masturbate with a potato up the arse.
I caught him kashluking in the men's locker room.
by ExtremeRyno March 24, 2004
1. Somebody who has crossed The Finnish Line.
2. An individual who likes heavy metal WAY too much for his or her own good.
3. Any of the numerous blond, blue-eyed anti-American people of Finnish ancenstry.
4. The art of pissing people off, usually people who are enlisted in the United States Armed Forces.
1. That guy over there with a tatoo of the Finland flag on his forehead is suck a kashluk.
2. Did you see Bob? After the Sanitarium concert, he got completely drunk off of his arse and started singing the band's #1 hit, "I love Hammer." I never knew Bob was suck a flying kashluk.
3. We all went to the protest last week. We burned, count 'em, 666 U.S. Flags. Myself and my fellow kashluks were honored to participate in the protest.
4. After Earl went and kashluked General Tomas A. Foshizzle, Earl got himself shot in the left kneecap.
by Max-Violence March 25, 2004
A warm, flaky Bavarian pastry often served filled with jam and butter.
"My goodness! This kashluk is delicious!"
by CloudNine March 24, 2004
1. v. To burn the crucifix.
2. n. A crazy, ranting, derelict nigger.
3. n. Slang name for the CD you use as a coaster.
4. n. A deformed, walking, talking, mutant penis.
5. n. A strange forum-goer that implores people to define his name so that he may be immortalised along with the likes of Richard Nixon and Jesus Christ.
1. The Klu Klux Klan endeavors to kashluk at least twice a week.
2. My uncle was ambushed by a kashluk while strolling the streets of Redfern.
3. Diablo is a great game if you're looking for a kashluk.
4. The media is one giant kashluk.
5. Kashluk.
by CL March 24, 2004
'to kashluk' is to sodomize someone
Yo I kashluked that dude right there!
by Megatron August 06, 2003
'to kashluk' is the reverse action of 'to scat', as if the words of a speaker were feces and it was pouring out of his mouth
That man kashlukked like a politician.
by K March 22, 2004
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