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The end result of a fart where one accidentally shits instead. (As mentioned in the comedy "Along came polly"

shart, sharting, sharted, sharts
Oh my goodness, I must leave. I seem to have sharted.
by CL January 20, 2004
rhymes with (and is synonymous with) sing-off-key.

1.One who attempts to moan, sing, or utter the words "aw baby" in tune with a set beat or track.

2.One whose career can be expected to be short lived, even though he or she is experiencing momentary fame.
Listen to this Ashanti ass bitch trying to sing.
by CL January 20, 2004
Slang for "What is Going On"
Yo, Whats clackalackin?
by CL December 17, 2003
A skank from Kiln, Ms.
All Hancock County residents.
Persons without proper hygeine, and very few teeth.
Dorty is a kilnbilly.
by cl June 26, 2003
1. v. To burn the crucifix.
2. n. A crazy, ranting, derelict nigger.
3. n. Slang name for the CD you use as a coaster.
4. n. A deformed, walking, talking, mutant penis.
5. n. A strange forum-goer that implores people to define his name so that he may be immortalised along with the likes of Richard Nixon and Jesus Christ.
1. The Klu Klux Klan endeavors to kashluk at least twice a week.
2. My uncle was ambushed by a kashluk while strolling the streets of Redfern.
3. Diablo is a great game if you're looking for a kashluk.
4. The media is one giant kashluk.
5. Kashluk.
by CL March 24, 2004
The radical branch of the Bear Family.
Some concentrated attacks in Verbier in December 2003.
"Massiv Zingo blingo on the hakuna matata"
"the bull is the ennemy"
by cl January 07, 2004
A dumb fuckin nigger
That nigga is a straight up botzymon
by CL January 31, 2005

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