Top Definition
a handsome, intelligent, athletic, and perfect in every way man
karlo is so versatile
by jay June 09, 2003
Tottaly cool guy With a Talent For Soccer And Music
OMG im Friends with a karlo
by 172327 October 11, 2011
Karlos is a nickname for Karl, which pisses off the spanish too because it is meant to be spelt "Carlos"
"Yo Yo Yo Karlos!!!!"
by overboard January 26, 2005
Young tumblr famous gay boy from Europe.

He posts artsy pictures and is depressed most of the time, even suicidal. There has been a rumor speculated, that he posted his nude pictures on a site, but that was quickly proven to be false as the boy in the original pictures was just a look-a-like. It has also been rumored that he's fake and that the person holding that tumblr is a girl.

If you want to befriend him, be sure to give him as much attention as he wants and prepare for some bitching.
Cutting your wrists? That's so Karlo
by Therealdeal11174 November 05, 2010
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