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72 days.
This marriage will self-destruct in a kardash.

Weird Al Yankovic should get full credit: "72 Days is now an official unit of time known as a Kardash."
by DrPhist November 01, 2011
having many or all of the characteristics of one of the famous Kardashian sisters (how come we never hear about the unfamous Kardashian sisters?) These include well-oversized posteriors, excessive use of eye makeup, black hair that surely came from a bottle, and a vocal quality that makes Fran Drescher sound like an accomplished Broadway actress.
tony: hey, did you see the new receptionist? big ole' butt, and racoon eyes.
donie: and that voice! she sounds all kardash, like those sisters on TV.....what was their name again?
tony: you mean the Kardashians? that's the name you can't remember. how kardash of you.
donie: yeah. speaking of kardash, what kind of printers' ink does your mom use to keep her youthful appearance?
by earpuller December 05, 2010
Something that is great and superior to any other

Originated by the fatasses of SC
That's sum straight karDASH weed right there.

There's sum karDASHs here tonite.

by S.T.A.T.S February 02, 2008
A measurement of time totaling 72 days. Became popular after Kim Kardashian's highly-publicized marriage, which ended after 72 days. Listed as one of the up-and-coming words of 2012.
I'll see you in a kardash!!

My summer this year is only a kardash.

Their wedding lasted a few months, barely more than a kardash.
by metzler31 December 26, 2011
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