n. A display whereby inebriates attempt to sing songs that were once or are now popular (the trend favouring the latter), aided by a badly recorded MIDI soundtrack and words flashing on a monitor. (often derogatory)
I know this bar on Bloor Street that has karaoke on Thursdays.
by Squire of Saskatoon November 26, 2005
Often associated with drunk folks who have no rythm what so ever and appear to be tone deaf
"look at the tone deaf, rythm-less ass singing karaoke"
by Chad? January 20, 2005
a pastime consistin of singing in front of an audiance with the help of a telaprompter scrolling the lyrics and an intrumental and backup singing track
also singing in your car to the radio
by Karaoke superstar October 16, 2003
Lipsynching into the microphone with the background music and background vocals.
Karaoke is what every "artist" on MTV and B.E.T. is good at doing.
by AYB February 24, 2003
the sustenance of any Filipino party.
The party really started when all the old filipino ladies started singing "Top of the World" on karaoke.
by s.a.m. August 20, 2005
Singing accompanied by an instrumental soundtrack specifically made for "karaoke machines".

These soundtracks are usually songs in which the main melodic line has been removed (leaving ony the accompaniment intact.)

Karaoke is an agglutination of two Japanese words kara (empty) + oke (shortened version of okesutera/orchestra).
"Hey do you wanna go out for karaoke later?"
by Aec August 27, 2003
A kind of backwards talent contest where the aim is to sing to sing other peoples songs as badly as possible.
The true losers in karaoke are the people who try hardest.
eg. I hope this entry is not reviewed by a karaoke enthusiast.
by Jarvis1000 August 16, 2005

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