A popular African-American Rap/Soul/R&B/Hip-Hop musician whose radical, largely short-sighted and unfounded racial/political views are the object of much controversy.

In attempt(s) to 'cover' for his lack of musical originality, Kanye West will often invite other more talented musicians/artists to perform and/or record on his records.

It is also believed by some that Kanye West is purposely controversial and overly head-strong to the point of being unfounded in his political/racial views, largely because his lack of outstanding creativity in the area of music has left much to be desired in generating publicity toward his art.

All consensus aside, Kanye West remains well-known in pop-culture, possibly due to his increasingly outspoken 'chip-on-his-shoulder' form of communicating social ideas which has generated a notable amount of media exposure.

It remains to be seen exactly what mark Kanye West will have left on society when he will eventually reach the close of his career, as it is believed by many that Kanye West appears to be at a loss as to whether he desires to be a musical artist or a didactic revolutionary.

His music can usually be found beside other artists who have established a much richer reputation of actual talent whom he has invited to become co-artists on his projects.

"Kanye West is so fly!"

"After Kanye West's heated words about George W. Bush's apparent hatred of ethnic peoples on the Hurricane Katrina special, Co-Host Mike Meyers was left at a loss at how to react to the awkwardness and sheer impropriety evoked by West."
by jackbenimble1 April 16, 2009
Reprehensible racist who blames the problems of an entire race on rich white men, including problems that don't involve them at all.
Rapper who has been around for less than a year and has released 1 album yet venerates himself as a legend and visionary, and equates himself to Tupac and Notorious BIG.
- He uses the slur "devil" in referring to white people
- He says white people don't want his children to eat (what the fuck???)
- He says that the white man tries to get rich off of all the problems of black people, when in fact they bring the majority of their problems upon themselves
- He called his first single "history in the making," which is incredibly presumptive and arrogant
- He deified himself as some sort of miraculous superhuman because he got in a car crash and survived non-life threatening injuries
- Instead of just focusing on making music and entertaining peole, he chooses to act as if he is one of the greatest people who ever lived and that all his fans should bow down to him
by rellybois October 20, 2004
A stuck-up, rich rapper who believes he should be in The Bible. Although his music is decent, he tries to become someone he's not. He targets racism and troubles in his life that were never there. He has been rich his whole life due to his father.
"Did you hear that new song by Kanye West?"
by IMK March 20, 2007
Kanye West is a fucking douchebag
by Dontblnk September 14, 2009
a beat-robbing, sell-out commercialized rapper. also a walking advertisement for MTV and it's brainwashed consumers.

a beat he robbed from a underground rap group that has now broken up independently but are all under the same label (Rhymesayers) 'The Dynospectrum' which consisted of Slug(atmosphere), I Self Divine, Musab, Gene Poole and other great underground real true artists that help keep hip hop alive.
The Dynospectrum - "Anything is Everything" (produced in 1998) and also to Kanye West - "Drive slow" (2005). sound's familiar? hmm...well, fuck you kanye.
by Brother's Keeper August 15, 2006
if you can tell me how this guy is a rapper i may have some respect but until then...kanye west is a fucking faggot who needs to be shot that fucking bitch cant rap he fucking raps about diamonds that are being mined by slaves in sierra leone and yet hes wearing all this fucking ice around him thats probably mined by those people. fucking shit says hes the fucking best rapper in hip hop history i can think of 2 people better than him right now hmmmm lets see tupac and biggie there. arrogant son of a bitch needs to be fucking killed fucker should just fucking die fuck you kanye west you fucking cunt.
kanye west: "hey look at me im a racist biggot who cant fucking rap look at me im getting fucked in the ass by corporate assholes who suck my balls all day teeeheee fuck me up my ass teeeheee"
fucking fag ass motherfucker die you bitch
by el reye September 10, 2006
Kanye West is an Emo-Rapper. Just like emo bands all he does is whine about crap and makes millions.
Kanye West "Its because New Orleans is black...........blah blah"
by Gangster-o-Love September 14, 2005
Swahili term for "moron".
Bro, that homey sho 'nuff was about a Kanye West.
by Chazgp June 20, 2007

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