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1) The act of presenting yourself as the greatest at anything, even if you've never tried it.
2) Someone who presents themself as the greatest ever to live.
Rob is egotistic.
Rob is an egotistic.
by Spontaneous!!! November 21, 2010
A person who thinks they are better then every one else, Like they are on top of the world.
Omg, look at Mike S. He is soo egotistic
by ieatwafflesforbreakfast May 04, 2010
An person who was born in India, or whose family originates from India.
John: Oh, you're from India? That's interesting.

Kuval: Yes I am. Did you know Indians are among the richest people in the word, and that blah blah...

(Five Minutes Later)

John: Did you know that Indians are also the worst-smelling and egotistic?
by I ♥ NY November 17, 2010